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Facial Soaps

Facial Soaps

Our facial soaps, can be used on a daily basis, for removing make-up or simply to cleanse the skin. They profoundly cleanse the skin, without drying it out or having any aggressive actions on the skin. We use vegetable oils suitable for every type of skin.

Olive Oil Soaps: Rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. A very nutritive and moisturizing facial soap for dry skin or skin lacking moisture.

Sweet Almond Oil Soap: Rich in proteins, it relieves irritated and inflamed skin. A facial soap ideal for sensitive skins.

Clay Soap: An astringent facial soap, with a great capacity to absorb toxins and the regular excess of the sebaceous production of the epidermis. We recommend this soap for mixed and greasy skin, or skin with a tendency to acne or spots.

Jojoba Oil Soap: Our Jojoba Soap is highly regenerating because it contains vegetable vitamins which help prevent the process of ageing and profoundly moisturizes the skin. We at the Living Stone recommended for mature and sensitive skin.

Carrot Oil Soap: Our Carrot Oil Soap is mild, creamy and highly recommended for dry skins and for its great capacity to moisturize. Our Carrot Soap is a delicacy/luxury of the skin.

100 gr. Ref. JABFAC-100- OLIV/ALM/ARC/JOJO/ZANA - Sale Price: 2,60 € V.A.T. included.

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