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Bottle of Orange and Cinnamon essential oils - 100 ml. 9'5 x 5 cm

Bottle of Orange and Cinnamon essential oils - 200 ml. 12 x 6'5 cm

Bottle of Orange and Cinnamon essential oils - 500 ml.


Orange and Cinnamon essential oils

Main ingredients

Our ecological sunflower seed oil is very nutritious for the skin, leaving it smooth and silky. Sunflower seed oil is especially recommended for burns or sun-related problems. The orange essential oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit. It has a mild sedating effect on our nervous system and is recommended for relaxation and in cases of insomnia, producing a sense of joy and optimism. It moisturises the skin, rejuvenating and calming in cases of irritation. The essential oil of cinnamon also confers optimism, having euphoric and aphrodisiac qualities.


Ecological sunflower seed oil, essential oils of orange and cinnamon.

Indications of Use

This oil can be used after a shower or bath to moisturize the skin and to relax. It is excellent for massages that are toning, anti-celulitic and circulatory.


100ml (Ref. ACANAR-100) - Sale Price: 7,10 € V.A.T. included.
200ml (Ref. ACANAR-200) - Sale Price: 9,50 € V.A.T. included.
500ml (Ref. AGCANAR-500) - Sale Price: 21,90 € V.A.T. included.

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