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Bottle of Bergamot and Red Cedarwood Oil - 100 ml. 9'5 x 5 cm

Bottle of Bergamot and Red Cedarwood Oil - 200 ml. 12 x 6'5 cm

Bottle of Bergamot and Red Cedarwood Oil - 500 ml. 19 x 7,3 cm

Bergamot and Red Cedarwood Oil

Main ingredients

The bergamot and red cedar massaging oil on sale in The Living Stone profoundly moisturizes and nurtures the skin. Bergamot essential oil is antidepressive, analgesic (pain reducing) and refreshes the skin. Red cedar essential oil is an aid in meditation as a result of its relaxing and calming fragrance.


Glycine soja, amigdalus communis, citrus aurantium, juniperus virginiana, aroma.

Indications of Use

Bergamot and red cedar oil can be used by our clients after the shower or bath to moisturize the skin and to relax. It is excellent for relaxing and calming massages, and especially good for oily skin.


100ml (Ref. ABEC-100) - Sale Price: 7,10 € IVA Incl.
200ml (Ref. ABEC-200) - Sale Price: 9,50 € V.A.T. included.
500ml (Ref. AGBEC-500) - Sale Price: 21,90 € V.A.T. included.

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