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The Living Stone is a shop specializing in natural body products that are created with vegetable oils and natural essences. The Living Stone, situated in the centre of the Barrio Gótico (Gothic Quarter) of Barcelona was opened in December 1994 and offers a wide range of natural products, including massage oils, shower gels, artisan soaps, perfumes, colognes, incenses and accessories; our products express our love of everything simple and natural. Our natural cosmetics establishment, is in the Petrixol Street in Barcelona, surrounded by chocolatiers, art galleries and speciality shops. We have a great number of loyal clients who believe in our commitment to natural cosmetics.

The Living Stone manufactures natural cosmetics, and it is our belief that everything that is used on our skin has an influence upon our bodies, therefore, our objective is to maximize the quantity of natural ingredients in our range of products. We use essential oils that are completely natural, originating from specialized cultivation.

In our laboratories, we use vegetable oils, natural extracts and essential oils, permitting us to create pure products; effective and with a great quantity of natural active ingredients. Our bottles are made with recycled, ecological glass, and all the natural products on offer in our shop, have been manufactured without resorting to cruel animal experimentation.

Within the world of natural cosmetics, aromatherapy can be practiced in various forms, amongst them, the most popular practice is the direct application on to the skin. The essential oils need a base oil that is 100% pure vegetable oil in order to profoundly penetrate the epidermis and enter into the blood’s circulation, spreading their sedating, invigorating, relaxing and stimulating qualities throughout our body. The Living Stone is one of the best natural cosmetic shops in Barcelona, specializing in the sale of essential and vegetable oils, prepared by combining vegetable oils such as almond oil, ecological sunflower seed oil, or soja oil with essential oils such as lavender, orange, lemon, rosemary, incense, bergamot, (petit-grain) or oriental wood.
The friction of a massage, distributes the oil, provoking heat in the areas being treated and aiding their absorption by the skin, thus increasing the effect of the massage and the intrinsic properties of the oils that are employed, transporting us to a state of incomparable relaxation and well-being.

Our body oils for massages can also be displayed, in its completely artisan form, as unique decorative items. Each bottle contains natural flowers, contributing to the beauty of the product. Similarly, each flask is sealed with natural products such as cork, raffia or wood and at no point in its production does the natural oil come into contact with chemical or synthetic substances.
Our symbol is an ammonite, the remains of a living organism conserved by fossilization. A stone, that in another time was a living organism, symbolizes for us the permanence of the natural despite the passing of time and the transformations that have occurred. The ultimate essence of nature, our symbol carries the message that we wish to transmit with our natural products; simplicity, natural beauty and purity.

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